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Gail's before and after

Gail starting coming to classes a year ago and she's been very diligent in coming to all 3 classes every week. She has always walked on her own time but felt like she needed to include strength training.

In January, she decided to take that next step and work on better nutrition so she eliminated beer and potatoes entirely. These pictures are her weight loss in just 6 months!

When the corona virus hit, Gail's daughter Anna came to Charlotte and joined us in classes for several months. Along with one other client, the 4 of us sweated and laughed through those very stressful times! Thankfully, the studio was a little bit of, much needed, normalcy for us. (I miss Anna!)

Kudos to Gail for hitting her weight loss goal!! As I tell every client, losing weight is difficult and maintaining your weight loss isn't exactly easy either. Both are obtained by a true lifestyle change (not a "diet" or short-term gimmick) and continue to take mental and self control...but totally worth it!

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