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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

There are literally thousands of different ways to "strength train".

Some workout ideas you may have used (or at least heard of) are: using body weight, hand weights, bands or machines; various # of reps, sets or tempos; all upper body, all lower body or full body; compound movements, isometric, plyometrics...I could go on and on. Maybe you've seen someone at the gym doing some of these but you either didn't know what it was or weren't confident enough to try something new.

Variations not only keep us from getting bored mentally but also keeps your muscles from getting bored too. I, personally, was getting pretty bored of counting 10, 12 or 15 reps even when changing the exercises and weights each day. To mix it up a bit, I decided to include some different training phases called "Periodization" and, after lots of practice, I created my 6 month Strength Training program. To create muscle confusion and avoid hitting a plateau, we change the reps, weights, sets and tempo every 4 weeks.

Stabilization: works on balance using a slow tempo, low weights, high reps, 1 set. I focus on teaching correct form using good posture with each exercise, including how to pick up and lift the weights properly.

Endurance (Super Sets): works same muscle group twice using 2 different tempos, heavier weights and lower reps, usually 2 sets

Hypertrophy: works opposing muscle groups using a moderate tempo, heavier weights, lower reps and 2 sets

Maximum Strength: only 5 reps with even heavier weights, 3-5 sets (you will be ready for this type of training by this time!!)

21s/Drop Sets (alternating each week) 21s are 7 half reps down, 7 half reps up then 7 full range of motion. Drop Sets are also called "running the rack". It's 6 reps of a heavy weight, drop down a weight for 12 reps, then drop down again for 20 reps (my favorite and believe me, it's very empowering!!)

German Volume Training: 10 sets of 10. Yep, 100 reps lifting fairly heavy weights using a moderate tempo and 50 seconds of rest between each set. It takes 20 minutes to complete 1 round and I really like to do compound movements if the client is able.

I use Periodization in both the public classes and private training. Because every client has different strengths/weaknesses or pain/injury that might prevent them from doing some exercises, I customize the exercises to make them challenging yet achievable. I have also worked privately with husband and wife clients, which is the only way I typically offer personal training to males. I also have mother/daughter, coworkers and friends come in for buddy training.

If you want to know more about my training and prices, send me a request for a complimentary consultation!

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