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Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

I hope everyone is staying healthy out there! I have still been working, although at reduced hours, so I've had a nice bit of normalcy during this crazy time. I thought this would be a good time to send out an update about availability at my little studio!

I am still accepting new clients but I have obviously had to make some changes. I have 7 different dumbbell racks so there is no need to share any equipment. ALL equipment is deep cleaned after session, using Lysol wipes and/or Tea Tree essential oils for disinfecting. I have plenty of hand sanitizer available and lots of space to keep that 6 feet distance from each other.

I've mainly had my "regular" girls attend the public classes and we have been kicking butt! In fact, we've all either maintained or lost weight. The morning classes have been cancelled until further notice but we are still working out at 5:15pm on Tues/Thurs and 9:30am on Sat. I've stopped doing a circuit in class since that required sharing equipment. We still do Tabata workouts, we just do the same exercises together while keeping our 6 foot distance.

I do have personal or buddy training availability. I can customize according to each client; however, I do still recommend 2 sessions per week using the Periodization Strength Training program and Tabata Core and Cardio. 2 of my personal training clients who have had past shoulder injuries experience much less pain and more mobility after working with me! Although exercise is my passion, I do focus on nutrition as well since that is such a integral part of weight loss and general healthy living.

Contact me if you would like to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. The best time to start your journey to a better you is now!

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