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Happy New Year!!

Well hello, you!! Yes, I'm talking to YOU. Welcome to my new website and blog. I have been meaning to post in January but have been so busy with clients and continuing education that I just had to make sit down to say hello. If you are looking for more content, all of my past years of blogging are still on my page at .

We are well past the first 30 days of the year so where are YOU on your exercise goals for the year??!?! I am tracking walk/run miles for my Run The Year 2020 Challenge and have currently logged 239 miles. You may have seen me running in Matthews for last 7 years but, now that my puppy is old enough to run, I have been running Cooper on the trail instead. It is a lot more relaxing than dodging traffic lol We also walk a 1/2 mile before every class and PT session so that gets my feet moving more! After all, every step counts.

Are you still going to the gym?!? Statistically, most people give up on their gym attendance around week 3 of the new year. Sad but true. Without accountability, knowledge of exercises and/or excitement in workout routines, it's hard to make yourself go. Remember that strength training is important to BOOST METABOLISM by building lean muscle. Cardio (walk, run, elliptical, bike) is great for stress relief and BURNING FAT, which we all need!! I offer 3 different small-group exercise classes which are Strength Training using Periodization, Core and Cardio HIIT and Full Body Circuit training. Contact me or sign up here

How's your nutrition going?! Note that I did NOT say "diet" because I hate that word. Eating healthy is a lifestyle of good nutrition. Diets may work for the amount of time you are invested (4 weeks, 6 months) but the weight comes right back on when you quit. At A Better Body Fitness, we talk about making good nutrition choices a lot, which helps us support each other as well as learn additional tools to help stay on track. We have figured out that tracking and sticking to serving sizes is hard for ALL of us!! It can be difficult to make a list (and stick to it), grocery shop (not going in hungry!), prep food (wash,cut) and then prepare meals for consumption. The good news is that it does get easier once you make it a habit.

Were you able to meet LAST YEAR'S resolution for better health? Sometimes just maintaining your weight over the year can prove difficult. I often fluctuate 5 pounds but, even though I exercise a lot, I still have to watch what I eat. After all, FOOD = ENERGY! The better energy your feed your body and mind, the more energy you have to perform tasks like exercise. Everyone should exercise 5-6 days every week...60 minutes to lose weight (obviously with good nutrition) and 30 minutes to maintain. Our bodies were made to move and it will make you feel better in general.

If you need help being held accountable for moving more and better nutrition, join us for a class or contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss Personal Training.

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