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90 Days to A Better Body

weight loss; women's fitness

               move more, eat better, live healthy!

Being overweight or obese is a serious health concern – I’ve been there!  It raises the risk of many chronic medical conditions (which also increases expenses for doctor visits and medication) and can contribute to back or joint pain. Weight gain does not happen overnight, it usually creeps up through the years. This allows an individual to slowly change clothing sizes, make other adjustments and eventually deny that there’s a problem. An increase of weight in adults should not be a part of aging and needs to be kept under control. Avoiding weight gain, while not easy, should be part of an overall plan to help reduce the risk of disease…and death.

decisionWe often get busier as we get older: taking care of children/grandchildren, working longer hours, enjoying holidays more and vacationing more; and we often pay others to do our active work: cleaning the house, washing the car, mowing the lawn or tending a garden.  Between the ages of 25 and 44, the annual increase in weight is 5.2% in women.  A woman of 180 pounds would gain over 9 pounds in a year and, unfortunately, that is a gain of pure fat…year after year.

Honestly, we all know how to lose weight, right?!?! Let’s all say it together…”diet and exercise.”  But do you know what and when to eat? Do you know how to strength train and have the confidence to work out at a big-box gym? Do you enjoy those exercise classes with lots of people and no modifications for pain, injury or skill set? Are you motivated to walk for exercise now?  It’s hard to hold yourself accountable, push through plateaus and get results on your own.

“90 Days to A Better Body” is a healthy living program designed to teach and encourage you to move more, eat better and live healthy…one step at a time!  Weight gain doesn’t happen in a day and neither does weight loss but you have to start somewhere, sometime. Whether you are ready to hit the ground running or you just want to start with baby steps, you CAN learn to incorporate new daily habits to live a healthier lifestyle.

weight loss; women's fitness

Natural weight loss (no gimmicks, no “diet”, no surgery) takes time and should average about .5-1 pound per week.  In just 90 days so you could be 12 pounds lighter and better prepared for summer!  What to expect:

  • Strength train 2x per week (personal training or combination of PT and one TABATA class) to tone muscle, strengthen bones and boost metabolism.
  • Get assessment on first and last sessions for weight, measurements, body fat, BMI , before/after picture and fitness evaluation.
  • Commit to 3-4 days of cardio on your own to promote weight loss, manage stress and build a stronger heart.
  • Keep a food journal to stay within your specific daily caloric limit.
  • Receive newsletter to learn a new healthy habit every week.
  • If you fall off the wagon, forgive yourself and get back on track…that’s life!!

women only fitness studio in matthews NC

Personal training can start at any time, just contact me for a FREE consultation. If you want to attend classes, contact me to schedule your first FREE class.

Take the first step by filling out the contact form below, call/text 704-641-9144 or send an email directly to  Remember there are only 5 spots in each class and they fill up fast. No more procrastinating…reserve your spot now!

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