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Personal Training

I offer affordable, customized personal or “buddy” training for women and teens of all fitness levels!  Although I enjoy counseling my clients on lots of healthy habits and lifestyle changes, working out is truly my passion.  I have found that people can figure out how to do cardio or count their calories for weight loss but weight training is the hardest to start (and stick to) without guidance; however it is also integral to strengthening our bodies, both physically and mentally.  Most trainers charge $80-100/hour but, depending on what type of program you choose, my prices are up to 50% less!

I use the Periodization model for strength training and Tabata/HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for core/cardio but each training session is customized according to individual skill sets.  As you grow stronger and more confident, I will gradually increase the intensity so the workouts are always challenging.  And I often work out with clients to make it a little more fun!

There are 4 crucial components of becoming and staying healthy: Strength Training, Cardiovascular, Nutrition and Behavior Modification. Although I do not like to give all of my personal trainer “secrets” away, here is a breakdown of each part:

Strength training – boosts metabolism by turning fat into lean muscle (<— THAT is what you want!!), strengthens bones and burns calories for up to 48 hours after a workout…yes, even while you sleep! We will use a variety of exercises using body weight, resistance bands, dumbbells, stability balls and ankle weights. Even for fit people, it is suggested to do 2-3 hours of strength training each week. In order to cause muscle confusion I use a method called Periodization, which is just a fancy word for periodically modifying your weight lifting routine.

It’s a tough but exciting workout because every month we change the tempo, weight, reps and sets:

  • Stabilization: slow tempo, high reps, low weight
  • Endurance: super sets: work the same muscle twice with a quick set then a slow set
  • Hypertrophy: moderate tempo, reps and weights
  • Max Strength: circuit training with 5 reps of the heaviest weight you can lift with proper form
  • Trainer’s Choice: Alternating weeks of “drop sets” and “21s”
  • The Tracy Anderson Method: lots and lots of reps with very low or no weights

Cardio – builds a healthy heart (which is a muscle), relieves stress and promotes weight loss by burning lots of calories (<—–YES!!).  Although jogging is NOT necessary, several of my clients have progressively built up their cardio endurance and now totally enjoy jogging!  Just to maintain weight, it is recommended by the CDC to do cardio for 30 minutes most days of the week and for weight loss you need 60 minutes.  But, like me and many of my clients, you might need time to build up to that.

At a minimum, you should be shooting for 10,000 steps per day (read more here: 10,000 steps) .  As you grow stronger, you need to increase your heart rate by adding more cardio so your goal may increase to 1200-1500 steps.  When I started cardio many years ago, I could barely walk around the block for exercise because I got painful shin splints.  I didn’t give up and eventually worked up to walking for an hour then started intervals by doing a slow jog from one telephone pole to another.  As my endurance increased, I jogged more and walked less…now I jog 6 miles every day, except Sundays (which is my food prep day!).

Nutrition – 85% of weight loss is based on nutrition. Let me say that again…85% of the weight loss battle is the food you feed your body!  Changing your eating habits (especially reducing refined carbs, processed food and sugar) can be hard at first but your taste buds will adapt. Calories = energy. You need fresh, healthy, wholesome food to make energy for your body to move more.  For weight loss, you must create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories weekly to lose 1 pound so you need to keep a food journal.  And don’t forget other important aspects of nutritional needs like macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat), micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and good ol’ fashioned water. Just like progression in strength training and cardio, changing your nutrition takes times and dedication.  You will learn to refine what you eat as you progressively eat better.  Never eat pizza again?  Yes, you can!  BUT, you have to make healthy choices by ordering more veggies/less meat and only allow yourself to enjoy 1-2 pieces.

Behavior modification – so you want to lose weight, right?!  Then you need to change what has made you gain weight, which means incorporating healthy habits (exercise and better nutrition) and decreasing bad habits (being sedentary and eating crap).  We don’t gain weight overnight and we won’t lose weight overnight.  Over the years, you have probably been in a cycle of moving less and eating worse, which caused a steady weight gain over the days, weeks, months and years. I know because that is exactly what happened to me! But I reversed that cycle by introducing healthy habits into my everyday life and continued to improve those habits over the last 10 years. I started with reducing then eliminating soda and fast food – now, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had either one. Yes, I still enjoy some treats but I use moderation and I exercise those extra calories off. You must learn to change the way you think about food and exercise.  It takes 30 days to create a habit…isn’t living longer and being happier worth it?  Where would you be now if you had started last year (or last week, or last month)?!?!  You can actually start feeling better today!!

Just send me a consultation request and we can get you started on the road to better health.  You will not regret any decision that gets you even one step closer to living happier and healthier!


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