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Consultations Available

Are you wondering what type of ladies come to the studio?!?  Below is a link to a previous post about my clients. Most of the girls chose to come to A Better Body Fitness because the classes are women only or they prefer a woman personal trainer, plus it is always clean and I keep it really cold during classes.  I know they also like that I can adjust exercises for pain, injury or strength level.  The Periodization that I use to teach the Strength Training classes also really keeps it interesting since it changes every month, it’s actually pretty exciting to start a new month!

A Better Body Fitness clientele

If you are interested in Personal Training, a one-hour complimentary consultation is available to discuss your health history, pain/injury and current nutrition. I will give you advice on what eating habits to change then talk in depth about the importance of exercise and behavior modification in creating a healthy lifestyle. Your first session will consist of weight/measurements, body fat/BMI analysis and fitness assessment then learning basic strength training exercises. The complete periodization schedule takes 6 months, including weekly weigh ins and measurements every 90 days.

If you are interested in taking a class, “like” my Facebook page here A Better Body Fitness Facebook and contact me for your FREE class. We can schedule a time to take your weight and measurements before class if you wish.

Email , text 704-641-9144 or use the form below to request a consultation day and time.

The best time to start working on your fitness and health is RIGHT NOW!

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