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 The comments below are a bit older when I was doing mobile training and working at gyms:

Jennifer is one of the best trainers I have used.  She is very knowledgeable, patient and kind but still motivates you to push yourself beyond what you think your limits are.  She also explains the importance of eating properly, in addition to keeping fit.   Pam, 57

Jennifer helped me with meal plans, daily routines and motivation.  I looooooove her!  I would refer everybody to her.  She keeps me in check even on non-training days.  Great trainer!  Dominique, 28

When I started working with Jennifer 6 months ago, I could not easily get up and down from the floor and I couldn’t do 30 minutes of good exercise.  Now, I weigh 12 pounds less (and counting), I get up and down with relative ease and I can now do a full hour of exercise. It’s not just what has changed physically but the difference in my attitude she has made. She makes the time I’m working with her hard but fun. She’s firm but gentle. She sees what I can do and pushes me to do more but not to the point that I hurt myself. She knows me and comes up with ideas that work for me.  My whole attitude on exercise and weight control has changed because I have made changes that I can actually follow through with for the rest of my life. Deciding to work with her was the best decision I’ve made for my health in many years.  Peggy, 65 (lost 10 lbs)

Jennifer is top notch, highly experienced, very knowledgeable, and very personable. In my opinion, she is the best!  Lynn, 57 (lost 30 lbs)

I love working out and being able to connect with someone.  You always have a positive attitude about everything and I look up to you!  Cassie, 14

I have been taking classes with Jennifer for about nine months.  I was invited by a friend (my first class was free!) and was hooked after the Strength Training Boot Camp.  Jennifer is aware of everyone’s level of fitness and lets us know that there is a modification for every exercise.  By showing me how I should be exercising at my level helped motivate me because I never feel like I couldn’t  keep up and it helped me progress at a pace that worked for me.  I  love the small class size and Jennifer’s personal attention to each person.  I have lost almost ten pounds and I am in much better shape than I have been in a long time.  Working with someone who has been on a weight loss journey and understands how very difficult it is to lose weight (and keep it off!) is so helpful.  She always motivates us to keep going!  This summer was great because she welcomed my 11 and 14 year old daughters to the classes.  In fact, my girls discovered  they love Yoga!  It also helps that the classes are affordable and convenient! Jennifer is always asking for feedback so she can tailor classes and schedules to meet her customers needs.  Jennifer,  44 (lost 10 lbs)

I DREADED going to the gym. I was looking for an alternative to the overcrowded, noisy, impersonal, male-dominated environment. The opening of A Better Body Fitness was like a dream come true! I no longer struggle with finding the motivation to get out of the house to work out. The atmosphere is always energetic; everybody is friendly and actually enjoys seeing one another on a daily/weekly basis. There’s a genuine sense of camaraderie, which makes the studio a welcoming place to exercise.  Jennifer is the most motivated, creative, inspiring and caring trainer I have ever known. Without a doubt, personal training is her calling. She’s a natural with a great sense of humor. She’s personally invested in assisting every client reach their goals. Her commitment goes above and beyond that of the average trainer because she truly believes in her work and in her clients. She never gives up on you even when you are tempted to give up on yourself.  I finally understand what it means to make exercise a part of my lifestyle.  I looked and felt fit on my wedding day on 6/21/13!  Monique,  34

Once I made the decision to change I needed support, information and new ideas.  Tracking weight and measurements really motivated me too.  My eating habits have changed the most.  I substituted a high calorie breakfast with a low carb shake and I track my calories daily.  I don’t see the nutritional changes as punishment and have discovered that I can still eat some of my favorite!  Bea, 54 (lost 34 pounds)

I had the great privilege of having Jennifer as my trainer for a short period of time. During that time I was impressed with her knowledge regarding personal fitness. The  second time i trained with her she  had me very sore from all the  exercise routines she had me do.  I had been burned by a previous trainer who was very impatient with me. On the other hand Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and very patient as well as understanding.  Jennifer is an asset to the personal trainer industry.  Lyndal, 57

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