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Matthews’ best kept secret!

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 by in Random |

I won't quit but I will cuss the whole time!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been so busy preparing, teaching and enjoying my classes or private sessions.  I don’t really do advertising anymore because, well, google works just fine.  I don’t post videos of exercises because there is already a ton of videos available out there. I also don’t really blog much because I’d rather talk about health issues face-to-face with my clients.  Somehow, the girls who really want to get fit always seem to find me!

20170708_142657.jpgHere is an excerpt from a book I borrowed from Jeanie called The Obesity Code, which was a hard read but very interesting.  The first 2 points are the best but the hardest advice for weight loss and better health: reduce added sugar and refined grains. If you drink soda…stop immediately.  Zero calorie diet coke will NOT make you lose weight or be healthy.  It has absolutely no nutritional value. Read food labels, sugar should not be listed in the first 5 ingredients. I know it’s hard but it’s a necessity. Also, I used to eat whole wheat/grain bread, which is still healthier than white bread, but is still refined/processed and they take out most of the fiber.  I only eat sprouted-grain bread now and only at breakfast time.  Ezekiel bread is also healthy but I just can’t stand the taste of it!

I want to welcome Amy, Wendy and Lisa who are all doing personal training and classes. Amy is already off to a great start by joining a gym to get her cardio in (wakes up at 5am to go BEFORE work!!) and eating out less often.  She lost 5.4 pounds last week!!  Wendy will be getting her butt kicked, I mean increase her cardio endurance, with HIIT personal training and is also eating healthier by ordering from a local food service, which means eating out less.  Lisa is transitioning to me from another training center that only offers personal training sessions for 30 minutes. She starts her first class on Saturday and PT the following week.  We are gonna dig deep into her nutrition as well!! I’m training both Wendy and Lisa to run a 5K by the end of the year so that will be fun! Another new girl, Sherry starts her personal training next week when I have an evening spot become available. Her nutrition is actually pretty good so we are going to work on burning calories and losing fat!


Mercy using TRX bands for pistol squats

Denise and Shay are new to classes too! This week, Joni and Chinazor join our Saturday classes for the first time as well.  The 930 Saturday class has been filling up so I’ve added an 830 class for the past couple of weeks.  This week, BOTH classes are already full.  If you are still just THINKING about registering for a class, you really need to just jump in now!

I still have my regular girls coming to class, whom I just adore and they are so welcoming to new girls.  I thoroughly enjoy pushing them hard in the Tuesday strength training class then all of us comparing which muscles are sore on Thursdays in TABATA.  Last month was rough, I was sore a lot!!

I love getting new equipment…newest stuff is a ball rack, 15lb slam ball and 2.5 lb ankle weights for everyone…YAAAAAAY!


you’re welcome, ladies!!

If you think about it, we only have 90 days before the food-induced holidays start.  Whether you want to lose weight, build/tone muscle, boost endurance, get healthy or just have fun…come play with me!!

It doesn’t happen overnight…it takes time, effort and dedication. Remember the 4 basic components of becoming healthier:

  • strength training to build muscle and boost metabolism
  • cardio (raised heart rate for 30-60 minutes) to burn calories and lose fat
  • nutrition to feed your body energy. This is probably the hardest for most people but is 85% of weight lose and better health!
  • Behavior modification…changing bad habits into healthy habits!

It’s totally achievable, you just have to start somewhere


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