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Jeanie’s hard work has paid off!

Posted on Jun 21, 2017 by in Clients |

June.2017 front

So, so proud of this girl – she is actually 1.8 pounds past her goal weight!!

june 2017 sideIn less than a year, she has lost a total of 46.5 inches, 11.2% BMI and 12% body fat.

She is extremely disciplined in her exercise habits, which is why she has been successful.  She gets a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. She does 2 personal training sessions every week (will be switching one of those sessions for a class in the next couple of months). She even goes for a walk after our sessions!  She also eats vegetarian and rarely cheats.

june 2017 backShe has definitely gotten stronger, more coordinated (although she may disagree) and better balanced.  I’m still pushing her to do things she doesn’t like to do (like hopping) but I’ve gotten her to do burpees, plank jacks and mountain climbers.

I did have to talk her into finally getting some work out clothes that fit her correctly but she looks amazing!!

I just want to remind everyone that, even when you lose weight, you have to continue your healthy habits to maintain that weight loss!!

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