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Saturday’s compound movements

Posted on Apr 8, 2017 by in Uncategorized |


One or two of us may or may not have been a little or a lot hungover this morning so our Saturday workout really helped to get us moving!!  I felt much better after class and enjoyed my last jog of the week.

Kathy is doing an advanced, compound (working 2 muscle groups) exercise: side plank with leg circles for working the obliques and abductors. As Gail would say, it was awesomely awful.  We all did the easier side plank version with a bent knee and used leg weights to make increase the difficulty.  To regress this exercise (make it easier), I would have client lay on the mat instead of in side plank and not use a leg weight.  To progress this one (make it more difficult), I would have client do a straight leg side plank but, since we used leg weights, we weren’t quite ready for that one!


I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating the TRX bands into our workouts!  Mary Jo is doing a squat with knee lift for working quads, butt and abs. This was the first time we tried this exercise and it was actually a little easy for us so I’ll probably add a hop with the knee up next time.

Join us next Saturday!!!



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