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Accepting new personal training clients…including MEN!

Posted on Mar 28, 2017 by in NEW!! |


After 8 years of being a Certified Personal Trainer, including the past 4 years training women only at my private studio, I’ve decided to help more people change their lives by accepting male clients who want to get fit and live healthier!  *Don’t worry ladies, group fitness is still women only – male clients are only for personal training*


I typically only schedule 5 appointments each day so I have a couple of evening spots becoming available in April and only 1 spot on Saturday.  My 7:30am-noon schedule is more open but I know that doesn’t work for most people.

What type of a trainer am I?  I consider myself a “gentle” trainer but that doesn’t mean I let my clients slack off.  I will push you to do exercises that are challenging but I will never yell at you or ask you to do something that would hurt you.  I am very reliable and take very detailed notes on each client so I am always prepared with a customized workout for you.  And, because I was once obese, I completely understand the cycle of dieting and gaining the weight back but I also know how wonderful it feels to have a competent body and to learn how to feed it properly.  My clients always leave their sessions with a smile and a “thank you” for their torture 🙂


What type of clients am I looking for?!

  • Men with a weight loss goal of 20+ pounds
  • Women who want to lose 5-50+ pounds
  • Agree to track daily calories for at least 30 days
  • Willing to work out 5-6 days every week to achieve their goals
  • Dedicated to moving more, eating better and living longer
  • Learn to change your way of thinking and modify your behavior to create healthy habits

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Weight loss for anyone requires burning more calories then you take in; however, you have to PLAN your meals/workouts, PREPARE food/gym clothes and then DO the cooking/exercise!  Here are some more details of what is necessary to get healthy:

  • Reduce/eliminate refined sugar immediately (soda, baked goods, white pasta/bread, etc)
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet (yummy!!)
  • Eat out less and make your own food more often
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do your cardio even when you don’t want to (i.e. vacation, tired, working late, rainy/cold/hot outside).  You don’t have to jog, walking is fine!
  • Strength train twice a week to build lean muscle
  • Be cognizant of making decisions that make you a better you!images (1)

Here is what you can expect during your complimentary 1 hour consultation:

  • No high-pressure sales or contracts, just an agreement to train for at least 90 days
  • Discuss any pain/injury, as well as past exercise history
  • Go into great detail about current nutrition so I can make suggested changes
  • Current weight and body fat/BMI analysis
  • Goal setting for cardio and nutrition on your own
  • I will reveal my totally affordable 1 or 2 session per week rates!!

And, drum roll please…the first 2 clients to book personal training receives their INITIAL and 90 DAY assessments for FREE!  Yes, that’s 2 free personal sessions!

 <—— Click the “Get a Consultation” link on the left menu bar or just call/text 704-641-9144 to schedule a  consultation The only way to start becoming fit and healthy is to START!



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I get so excited about helping people change their life.  Is it hard?  Yes.  Is it worth it to feel better, look better, live longer?  Yes. YOU are so worth the investment!!




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