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PiYo Live class

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 by in Random |

modified flip

We are getting so much better at PiYo!!  This is my 6th private class with Shelley, Margaret and Lynn.  At first, I had to demo the moves before each song and we could only get through 7 songs.  Now, I demo less and we can get through 9 out of 10 songs!

These pictures are all from the Strength and Stretch song.  The first photo above is the girls doing a modified flip, which is paired with tricep push ups in class.

This one below is the PiYo Cross, which stretches your back:


This this one is the Double Pulse Open, which stretches your chest:


I’m telling you, I sweat more during this class than I do in my Core and Cardio Tabata class!  I still get a little nervous because I’m such a perfectionist but I que better and really, really enjoy teaching the class.  And it’s such an invigorating workout, I’m totally pumped afterwards!!

Everyone’s first class is FREE so you should grab a friend and try a PiYo class!


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