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Group Fitness Client Spotlight: Rachel

Posted on Mar 8, 2017 by in Clients, Uncategorized |

Rachel front

A late Happy 30th Birthday so our very own millennial, Rachel!  She has been coming to classes twice a week since July 2015.  Very interestingly, she was a teacher in South Korea for 6 years and had just moved back to Matthews when she started coming to the studio. She lived with her Mom until she bought her condo last year, which meant she had to start doing her own grocery shopping and cooking her own meals.  Because she had been coming to A Better Body Fitness for awhile she had already lost weight, had made cardio a habit and was feeling healthier so eating fresh, whole foods was easier.

Rachel side

I am so proud of Rachel for her jogging skills…she officially has the running bug!  She started running the exact same way I did…by walking first.  She started adding a little bit of running into her walks and just kept increasing that until she was just running.  Just yesterday she said she got caught up in her run and did 6 miles.  Be sure to read her testimonial below to hear it straight from her!

Rachel back

A couple of months ago, I noticed that she looked smaller and her body just looked more firm. Ok, for those of you who know me, you know I had to say something complimentary  yet comical so I actually said “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you look much less jiggly.” And ALL of the girls in class agreed that they had recently noticed the change too.

So here are her stats in the past year:

weight loss: 17

inches lost: 17

BMI reduced by 3.3%

Body fat reduced by 5.8%

plank hold for 1:23

doubled her wall sit time for a total of 2 minutes

moved up to 3 push ups on toes and 15 on knees

increased sit ups by 3 and added 12 pound weight

WOW…reduced her .5 mile run by 3 minutes and 35 seconds!!

Here is her testimonial  testimonial class – rachel

I loved reading her answers because that is exactly the way I teach my clients to become healthier…start small and continue adding healthy habits until it’s a lifestyle.  The first step is always just to START somewhere, whether it’s nutritional like cutting out a bad food (start with reducing refined sugar) and adding better foods (like snacking on fruit) or exercise (strength training to boost metabolism) and taking more steps (for weight loss).  ALL of those are needed for healthier living!

Change is truly a mental decision (are you fed up with feeling like crap?!?) and weight loss doesn’t happen on it’s own.  We all know what to do!!  But you have to be willing to actually make those changes (no matter how small) and continue pushing for a healthier lifestyle (not a “diet”).

Start…Continue…Don’t give up!  I can help if you are really ready to change you life and need advice, motivation or accountability. Let’s do it!!

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