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PiYo Power videos: High Impact and Low Impact options

Posted on Mar 7, 2017 by in Uncategorized |

When I previously posted a video of the Power segment with HIGH impact moves, many of my clients shied away because they thought it would be too hard.  As long as you can get up and down from the floor, you CAN do this class!!  Some songs have more up and down (which only gets better/easier with practice!) but most of the class is standing.  It’s such a great workout and I actually sweat more while teaching this class than any other class I teach.

Here is the HIGH impact version with jumping wide squats and burpees



Below is the exact same Power segment with the LOW impact modification, which has no jumping and we do “squat reaches” instead of burpees.  Thanks so much to Lisa and LuAnn for agreeing to do this video with me – I know they were tired after class already!!  You’ll notice Lisa’s kids in the back…her youngest usually does PiYo with us and it is so adorable but he had lost interest by that time.  His only confusion is he doesn’t know left from right yet 😉

piyo power low impact

Remember that your first class is FREE!  In addition to building muscle (which boosts metabolism), you will work on balance, flexibility and coordination.  I know I look quite serious in both of the videos but 1) I truly hate videoing myself 2) I’m really concentrating hard on queing the girls and 3) even with my weight loss, I’m still very self conscious so hate videoing myself.  However, I always feel invigorated after PiYo!

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