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Gail lost 27 pounds in 90 days!

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 by in Uncategorized |

Gail side

Gail came in for her consultation 90 days ago and has showed such determination in reaching her goals!  She works long hours at a high-stress job but she always shows up for her personal training sessions with such a positive attitude and I can always tell she feels better after.  She has completely changed her eating habits (she uses My Fitness Pal to track calories) and gets as much cardio in as she can (she uses a fitbit to track her steps; however, remember that cardio for weight loss is different then just getting steps in).

Gail front

Whenever I tell her it’s time to stretch at the end of her session, she is always surprised and can’t believe the hour is already over.  She has a past knee injury so I do have to modify some exercises, like no squats/lunges and using a lower step for cardio, but she always impresses me during her Tabata sessions…I work out with her and she tires me out!!

Here are her 90 days stats:

weight loss: 26.8 pounds

inches lost: 19

BMI lowered by 9.2%

BF lowered by 5.7%

added a full minute to her plank hold!  I do make her plank a lot in tabata 🙂

added 2.75 inches in flexibility!

did 12 push ups on her knees

did 25 situps using an 8 lb weight (only did 20 before with no weight)

reduced her .5 mile walk by 1 full minute (and that hill at the studio is no joke!)

Gail back

I just love Gail’s tenacity and the way she puts 100% into making changes towards a more healthy lifestyle.  It does take planning, prepping and doing but it is SOOOOO worth the effort to feel better and live healthy.  I cannot wait to see where she is in another 90 days!! Here is a link to her testimonial, it’s a good read if you need some motivation to make changes in your lifestlyle!  Gail 90 days


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