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There’s no stopping Jeanie!!

Posted on Feb 17, 2017 by in Clients |

Jeanie just had her 6 months assessment and, well, she is just amazing in her dedication to better health!  Although her ultimate goal was to simply get healthy, she has completely change her lifestyle.  She has so much more energy (from eating whole foods) and endurance (from moving every day).  During her HIIT/TABATA training, I even have her jumping!!  Yes, she was a little apprehensive but she faced her fear and has a lot more confidence in her abilities.

Here’s her  TOTAL stats in 6 months:

weight loss: 49.8 pounds

inches lost:  32.25

BMI reduced by 7.2%

Body Fat reduced by 5.6%

1/2 mile walk: 1 min 40 seconds quicker!!!

plank hold: 1 min 7 sec longer!

wall sit: 48 sec longer

flexibility: added 2 inches

push up: 10 on stability ball to 11 on knees

sit ups: started at 12 with no weights, ended with 25 with 8 lbs


I do know that Jeanie treats herself to not-to-nutritionist food occasionally but it’s always in moderation and she is sure to work it off by doing additional cardio. She actually lost 5 pounds while on her 2 week vacation in Hawaii!!!

I look forward to continue training with her, pushing her out of her comfort zones and seeing her become even more healthy!

My strength training periodization program is 6 months so she starts over again next week.  Here is her latest testimonial:

Jeanie 6 months

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