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Aprel’s accomplishments!

Posted on Jan 23, 2017 by in Clients |

2 years of results!

I have been working with Aprel since December 2014 and I’ve seen her come such a long way with weight loss, strength and endurance!

2 years of hard work!

When she first started, she had previously hurt her back doing Insanity so she was a little worried about lifting weights.  I started her off with fairly low weights, gradually progressing her to harder exercises and heavier weights.

She was coming to personal training twice a week but was really struggling with getting her cardio in.  Although she has an elliptical at home….um, it’s BORING and I could barely talk her into sporadically doing 10-15 minutes throughout the week.  But we figured out how much she liked to walk at the park!  Since she is a mother of 2, works full time and has a husband that travels a lot, she learned that it was a great stress reliever to go for a walk with her girls and they love it too!

The more time she put into cardio outside in the park the more she craved it and, eventually, she felt strong enough to start running!  Of course, she started with intervals but she kept pushing herself until she was running up to 3+ miles.

While she was in between jobs, she had to decrease her sessions to once a week and, now that it’s winter, often struggles with finding time for cardio again; however, she’s lost a total of 18.9 pounds, 13.75 inches, 3.8% body fat and 2.6% BMI.

Aprel doesn’t really have any issues with her back now and lifts some pretty heavy weights (30 lb dumbbells for chest presses in Max Strength).  I know that when spring weather is back she will be back out on those park trails getting her cardio in!

Weight loss and lifestyle changes can be a slow process but feeling stronger and healthier makes all that hard work worth it!  Sometimes just making the decision to make changes is half the battle.  It’s important to have a tough yet empathetic support system to hold you accountable and push you out of your comfort zone.  And it’s always nice to make a new friend, laugh and actually have a good time while working out.  Too often, the longer you put it off, the more out of shape you become and it’s even harder to get started.  No matter what, moving more and eating better is always a good thing!!


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