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Jeanie’s 90 day assessment results!

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 by in Uncategorized |


One of my favorite things about Jeanie is that her very first personal training session was also on her very first day of retirement!!  She is very focused on getting healthy and, now that she is no longer working, it is obviously helpful that she has more time to devote to the cause.

jeanie-90-days-backShe hit it hard from that first training session.  She comes in for personal training 2 days each week, does at least 3 hours of walking on a treadmill every week (often does cardio on days she strength trains now that she’s stronger) and enjoys hiking in the mountains on the weekends. Every single day, she gets her 10,000 steps in!

Jeanie also keeps a food journal every day.  She decided to go mainly vegetarian, which can make staying within your calorie limits easier because most meat is high in calories (and, if you’re anything like me, I eat more than a palm-sized serving).  She does cheat every now and then but she still stays within her calorie recommendations.

Previously, she has lost a good amount of weight, only to gain it back (who hasn’t?!?!) so my goal was help her “enjoy” strength training as much as possible and to make these changes a lifestyle that is sustainable. She had never lifted weights before and, as with many newbies, it took her some time to build up some stamina (especially in HIIT).  Her strength has really improved, as well as her endurance, and I think she enjoys  working out just a little bit more each time.

jeanie-90-days-sideHere are her awesomely wonderful stats (remember, this is in 3 months!):

28.2 pounds lost

4.2% down in BMI

2.9% less body fat

total of 17.5 inches lost!! that’s down 3 pant sizes!!

Plank hold:  started at :30 (which really isn’t too bad for a beginner) and ended at 1:07

wall sit: started at :12 and ended at :40

added 1.5″ in flexibility

push ups:  started at 10 on stability ball and ended at 5 on her knees then another 10 on the ball (great form too!)

sit ups:  started with 12 in 1 minute and finished with 17 using a 5 pound weight!

She shaved 1:08 off her 1/2 mile walk!

I am so proud of Jeanie for trying something new (and I know the unexpected can be a little scary) and really sticking to her eating and exercise schedule.  I can’t wait to continue bumping up the intensity of her exercises <evil grin> and watching her reap the wonderful results of her hard work!!



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