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2 year update

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mercy-sideMercy has been coming to training for 2 years now!  In the beginning, she wanted to lose 10 pounds and build muscle.  She wasn’t very motivated to do a lot of cardio on her own but, now that she’s lost weight and wants to maintain, she does get on the treadmill and loves to do fun things like hiking, biking, stand up paddle-boarding, etc.

Knight's baseball game

Knight’s game

Her total weight loss is 22.6 pounds and I know her eating habits have improved.  One of my favorite stories is when she texted me upset about the muffin she ate that had over 500 calories!  She thought a muffin would be healthy so I explained that she just needed to read labels before she indulges in foods like that.  We have become very close friends over the years so I see her reading labels and making better choices.  She used to come to the studio with a bag of McDonald’s.  Seriously.

stand up paddle boarding!

stand up paddle boarding!

She has lost 17.5 total inches, plus 6.8% less body fat and 3.8% loss in BMI.  This was not without hard work!  She rarely misses her personal training session once a week and pushes herself hard when working out.

Virginia Creeper Trail

Some of her other fitness accomplishments starting with 2 years ago until now:

plank – started at 1:24 hold, finished with 2 minute hold on single leg

added 1 inch in hamstring/lower back flexibility

sit ups – started with 25 in 1 minute, finished with 25 in 1 minute using 15lb weight

wall sit – started with 2 minute hold, finished with 2 minute hold on single leg

push ups – started at 5 on toes then 8 on knees, finished with 15 decline then 10 on toes

I’m very proud of my “young and vivacious” friend and client!  She has lost more weight then expected, has certainly built muscle and learned healthy eating habits.  Keep it up girl!



Maintaining weight can be difficult too and I truly believe it all starts in your head.  If you want to lose weight, you have to make a decision to do the work required for the results you want.  It’s not always easy and you may not always want to do exercise but it helps to make it fun (yes, we all laugh a lot in the studio).  It all has to start sometime, otherwise, the weight just continues to pack on…slowly but surely.  Instead, decide to become healthy…slowly but surely!

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