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what type of women come to the studio?!?

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 by in Uncategorized |

who are my clients?!?

Last week, one of my newer personal training clients said “I bet I’m your oldest client.”  How old is she?  60 years old.  Nope, definitely not my oldest  client.  That prompted me to post what type of women come for training, just in case you are thinking about it.

First of all, they are all lovely!  Everyone is so nice.  We all wear normal yoga pants or shorts, t-shirts or tank tops.  We aren’t princesses that wear make up and are afraid to sweat but some of us might be a little cra-cra about colorful shoes.  Some clients are overweight and some just want to maintain.  Some have weight loss as their main goal and some just want to have “fun” working out to be healthier.  Some have lost weight here and some haven’t.  Some will, some won’t. Some have pain/injury, some don’t.  Quite a plethora of wonderful women here.

I do have several personal training clients in their 60s…all the way up to 66 <gasp!>.  And I have worked with a couple of them for 3-4 years so they are stronger and healthier, even if they haven’t lost a lot of weight.  One of them actually told me last week that her husband couldn’t believe that she was still exercising with me (just over a year) because she had always quit in less time previously. The girl that asked the original question has lost over 20 pounds in a little over 2 months and this is the first time she has ever strength trained.

There are also plenty in their 50s – several attend class twice a week, one that comes 3 days and has been coming for over a year (lost weight, just maintaining now!) and about 6 in personal training.  2 girls do buddy training together twice a week, the only couple I have ever trained are losing weight like crazy and getting so much better with nutrition, one comes twice by herself (I do love to kick her butt) and I have worked with one for over 4 years now.

40s?  Yup, got ’em, and I fall into that category.  Several of them are Moms but they carve time out of their schedules to take care of themselves, either coming to class or personal training.  One has lost over 20 pounds, has (finally) become addicted to cardio and is up to running 4 miles. The other 2 have some dietary restrictions that can be a little tricky but mostly come twice a week.

I think I only have 1 on her 30s and she does personal training and a class each week.  She’s fairly new so she’s still getting ramped up on cardio.

The youngest is 28 in personal training who lost 20+ pounds in 2 years – she got a late start on her nutrition but she is a dedicated label-reader now, does cardio on her own and loves to do yoga.  One girl in class is 29, almost 30, who is now running over 3 miles on her runs and always makes us laugh at her un-coordinatedness.

No teenage clients currently but I do work with them, usually for personal training, but older teens are welcome to come to class or younger ones can attend with Mom.  I sure wish I had learned to enjoy working out and the importance of walking and eating for better health as a teenager!

So who are these ladies?  There are several teachers, several in the mortgage industry, several are retired.  2 nurses, a therapist, an accountant, health insurance, stay-at-home moms, hair dresser and corporate 9 to 5-ers.

But they all have one thing in common…they want to feel better!  I must admit that I’m pretty darn entertaining and the hour of training goes by pretty fast.  Someone said in class the other day (it was a hard workout): “why do I keep coming back?!?!” and I said,  “because you wouldn’t do this on your own”.  Truth.  I wouldn’t do it on my own either,  I much prefer to enjoy the torture together (and, yes, I do usually work out with my personal training clients).

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