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food journals!

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 by in Uncategorized |

lessons learned from a food journal!

Who kept their food journal last week and what did it reveal about your eating habits?  I know Risa said her goal was to reduce her afternoon snacking and she finally lost 1 pound, which is a huge deal since she doesn’t really have much to lose but has only lost inches so far.

I diligently kept my food journal during the week but the weekend was really difficult!  I tend to eat the same things so my breakfast, lunch and snacks were easy and repetitive (toast, fruit, salad).  Bryan cooks dinner and, although we eat later then I prefer because I work late, it is usually pretty healthy.   He helped me by measuring out the unhealthy choices like mac-n-cheese (1/2 cup is A LOT!!) or scalloped potatoes and also things like beans so I can visualize how much is a serving size.

The weekend was kind of a bust.  On Friday night we ordered pizza, which is rare, but I was starving so I stuffed down 4 delicious pieces <cringe>.  Even though it was all veggie, it was like 800 calories in all.  Plus beer.  Plus maybe a little bit of fireball.  Oh…and those 2 peanut butter cookies that Bryan brought home last week.  I usually don’t add my exercise in to my food journal but I did on Friday and I was still over by 946  calories.  UGH!!  I learned that I MUST enter my food within an hour of eating it or I just won’t do it.  I didn’t track my calories on Saturday OR Sunday but I did weigh in at 139 on Monday and I am normally closer to 142.

My nutrition goal was (note the past tense) “no dessert” but I realize that is just unsustainable, especially with a boyfriend who loves to bring me ice cream, cookies, cake and candy bars.  My new goal is to only eat dessert 3 nights each week and to measure out ONE serving size.  I’ll stick to fruit for dessert on the other nights.

The food journal also taught me that I usually don’t eat enough calories in the first half of my day, which seems to be why I tend to over eat at dinner and with bedtime snacks.  I did stay under my goal of 1860 calories every day, except when I drank alcohol.  Another lesson learned!  I’m going to stick to the same weekday eating habits as last week and really try my best to keep my food journal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Keeping a food journal is hard but at least we have myfitnesspal, which really does make it easier.  Nutrition is 85% of the weight loss battle so you must know how many calories are required for weight loss and how many calories you are ingesting each day.  Thankfully, once you learn to regulate those calories, you can take a break from journaling; however, if you start to stray and gain weight, you have to start again.  65% of people who keep a food journal lose weight AND keep it off…isn’t that the ultimate goal?!?!?

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