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Cardio Challenge last week…

Posted on Aug 9, 2016 by in Uncategorized |

who met their cardio goal last week?!?

so who got their cardio in last week?!?!  I know Shelly walked on the treadmill, Tabitha just joined Planet Fitness to get her cardio in the air conditioning, Courtney gets her cardio in at the pool and new client Jeanie has been kicking cardio butt (she lost 2.4 pounds her  first week)!!

I did my 5 mile run for an hour on 6 days last week.  My weight tends to fluctuate several pounds throughout the week but I’m down one pound!  I don’t want to lose much weight, I just want to stay below 140 more regularly instead of swinging up to 142+.

This weeks’ challenge is keeping a food journal for 7 days.  I started yesterday and it wasn’t as cumbersome as I thought it would be.  If you are new to MyFitnessPal, it may take some to build your own food list but it definitely gets easier since you will tend to eat the same things.  My calorie limit is 1860 and the hardest thing was to estimate the amount of food I’m eating so I try to over-estimate the calories.  I was surprised how many little bites of things I ate without thinking but Bryan even measured out my 1/2 cup of mac-n-cheese at dinner!  I had a smidgen of pound cake for dessert (with strawberries and chocolate almond milk) but it satisfied my sweet tooth and I still had 123 calories left over for the day!

Keep that cardio up ladies…you have to burn calories if weight loss is your goal!  Feel free to share any good or bad tendencies you run across with cardio or food journals.

If you are still thinking about starting a training program…don’t put it off any longer!  The holiday season is coming up and it’s best to get a head start on establishing healthy habits BEFORE all of those delicious and unhealthy foods appear before you!  Contact me for a free consultation.

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