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Dawn lost 23.8 pounds and Allison lost 11.8 pounds in 90 days!

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Because this is a women-only fitness studio, I don’t usually work with men; however, Allison (the husband) was soooo charming during their consultation that I decided to offer “buddy” training with him and his wife, Dawn.  They told me they had met with another training facility and would need to talk with each other about which company to use and…they chose me!

allison frontdawn front

During the consultation, they had lots of questions and were a little overwhelmed with how much weight they needed to lose.  Dawn even got a little emotional because she was probably a little scared of working out and (my guess) also afraid of failure.  I assured them that they COULD do it and that it would be easier doing it with each other’s support.  We discussed the changes they would have to make:  reduce sugary, processed food and increase fresh, whole foods; work out at the studio twice a week and walk on your own at least 3 days; change the way you think about food and exercise; enjoy the healthy changes you are making and revel in feeling better!!

allisomdawn side

It started slowly.  They were a bit disappointed in their fitness assessment because they had a hard time doing a lot of the exercises, even a timed walk.  Dawn could hardly get up and down from the floor so I planned their exercises around that.  Both had a very hard time doing ab exercises and it was difficult to stretch after their work out.  Neither had EVER used a stability ball so we practiced simply sitting on it, rolling down into a bridge position and rolling back up.  There was fear in their eyes, people, real fear!!  I felt bad that they had to work through this…but they did!!  They hardly ever missed a session in 90 days, they pushed through all of the exercises that I handed them (even when they didn’t want to), they walked on their own and continued to increase their steps, they changed their eating habits and Dawn really reduced her soda intake…and it worked!!

allison backdawn back

It wasn’t always easy and I’m sure there were days they didn’t want to come in.  But I did my best to give them functional exercises that were do-able for them and would increase their confidence in their own bodies, teach them to eat healthy without feeling deprived, figure out that you must walk to lose weight and make changes that they could make and stick to with only moderate cheating).  Now Dawn gets on that stability ball like a pro (Allison was a little stubborn about using the ball).  She went from barely being able to get up and down from the floor to using the stability ball for assistance to just using her own muscles!!  Allison had only done less then 5000 steps in a day but now he does at least 10,000 steps!  Once he figured out that he could indeed to do it, it didn’t kill him and it actually made him feel better…he was a beast!!  I’m so proud of both of them for the accomplishment of not giving up and going beyond what I had even expected of them.  Even though weight loss is often the goal of clients who come to the studio, most of them decide that they just want to feel better, have more energy, more endurance, sleep better and know  they are treating their bodies right.  So here are the final numbers:

Allison lost 11.8 pounds and 9.75 inches.  He doubled his plank hold time to 1:02 and doubled his wall sit time to 1:45.  He also added 6 inches to his flexibility (I’m sure that makes tying your shoes easier!) and shaved off a full minute of his timed walk.

Dawn lost 23.8 pounds and 17.5 inches.  She tripled her plank hold time to :35 and almost doubled her wall sit time to :59. She also added 4 inches to her flexibility, increased her sit ups by 16 and we lowered her push up position by 7 inches!  BUT, one of the biggest accomplishments was her timed walk started at 22 minutes and she finished at 8:34!

Let’s keep it going….you never know what changes can be made in a full year!!


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