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Carra lost 10.4 pounds in 90 days!

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 by in 90 Days to A Better Body |

over 10 pounds lighter!!

Carra came to A Better Body Fitness because she had slowly gained 15 pounds since she moved to Charlotte 6 months before.  She ate healthy food and walked almost every day so she didn’t understand why the scale kept creeping up.  As I started investigating deeper, she did indeed have a great diet but was only doing 30 minutes of cardio and no strength training so she signed up for 1 day of personal training and 1 class each week.

carra before.after front

Carra was so much fun to meet and work out with!  Growing up, she was always athletic so she did like to work out and was excited to see results.  It did take some time to see the scale go down – in the beginning, it was often just a pound or less (or even just maintaining) her weight at the weekly weigh in.  But every ounce adds up so, about 6 weeks in, she had lost 5.5 pounds.  She kicked it into high gear and was doing an hour of walking then even starting jogging!  She felt better, stronger and had more endurance.

carra before.after backHer total inches lost in 90 days was 8.75!  During her fitness assessment, she added 1:10 to her plank hold time, :57 to her wall sit time (both maxed out at 2 minutes), did 8 more push ups and 11 more sit ups.

I’m really proud of her for working hard for the results she was looking for!!

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