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Results for the first 90 Days to A Better Body class

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 by in Uncategorized |

I really enjoyed teaching a private class for the Charlotte Christian School girls! These are the results for just 3 months of learning to incorporation strength training, cardio and better nutrition.  We just started Max Strength training and it’s awesome to see these girls so confident in themselves when lifting weights!

LuAnn lost the most. She said portion control at dinner and no snack after was a big help:

PicMonkey Collage14.4 pounds

9.25 inches

2.2% BMI

3.4% body fat





Jodi was next with getting the most cardio in:

PicMonkey Collage10 pounds

8.5 inches

1.7% BMI

1.9 body fat





Lisa attended the most classes but had a hard time getting cardio in:

PicMonkey Collage8.2 pounds

7.75 inches

1.3% BMI

1.9% body fat





Mindy stuck with the classes and is now lifting some really heavy weights!

PicMonkey Collage3.6 pounds

5.5 inches

.5% BMI

.6% body fat





If you are interested in losing weight and/or just learning to become healthier, please don’t wait any longer!  Every little bit helps in the long haul!!

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